F45 Challenge Starter Pack

F45 Challenge Starter Pack

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This is the complete supplement starter pack to get you challenge ready! It includes all of the supplements you need to fuel your body, maximise your body's fat burning potential and check off the F45 goal tracking system.  



MusclePharm Combat 100% whey protein is a premium whey blend of protein isolate and protein concentrate. Ideal for anyone looking to maintain and build lean muscle while fuelling your body with the nutrients it needs to recover faster after workouts. Combat 100% whey digests quicky and at 25G of quality protein it will help to satisfy your daily protein needs. 

WHEN - Mix 1 scoop of Combat 100% whey protein with water or your chosen beverage. It's ideal to have a protein shake directly after training sessions to aid with muscle recovery and fuel your inner badass. If you are following the nutrition portal it's important to know that you can have protein any time of the day. So if your nutrition plan has a protein drink as a snack during your day, it’s handy to know you can move that snack to directly after your workout or consume at your leisure.

WHY - Every scoop of Combat 100% whey protein is packed with 25G of 100% whey protein. Low carb, low fat, low sugar and low calorie. GLUTEN FREE and easy to mix. Drinking protein shakes after training will ensure your muscles soak up the nutrient it needs for muscle recovery and growth! It will give you extra energy, reduce muscle soreness and keep you feeling fuller for longer.  



Zero Carbs. Zero Calories. Zero Sugar. MusclePharm BCAA is ideal for those wanting to keep the lean muscle that they’re working so hard for in training sessions. Formulated with 6G of BCAA ( Branched Chain Amino Acids) The combo of these key ingredients are critical for the stimulation of muscle protein synthesis, preventing muscle breakdown and to support you to recover quickly between workouts as you move through your training programme. 

WHEN - Consume 1 scoop of your MusclePharm BCAA powder with water during training. If you don’t finish your BCAAs during your ‘Hydration Break’ continue having them into your day because it's important to finish that WHOLE scoop! Alternatively, your BCAA supplement can be enjoyed around the clock as a performance alternative to sugary sports drinks or juices.

WHY - Branched Chain Amino Acids help preserve your stores of muscle glycogen (the primary fuel your muscles use for energy). This helps your body to recover and prevent muscle breakdown because of the stress your body is under from consistent training. MusclePharm BCAA provides a reliable, flavoursome energy source to tap into! 



Turn fat into FUEL! MusclePharm carnitine features a 1,000mg blend of Carnitine with Raspberry Ketones to help promote fat loss. Carnitine plays a pivitol role in the body's ability to metabolise fat into energy. So this wee weight loss buddy will help you reduce body fat and amplify your metabolism. It's non-stimulant, caffeine free so you can start taking this product from day 1 of the F45 8 week challenge.

WHEN - Consume 2 capsules of MusclePharm Carnitine once a day, ideally before you train

WHY - L-Carnitine promotes energy for muscle gain and weight loss by utilising fat for fuel! Carnitine is your healthy fat burning best friend. It makes sure you MAXIMISE your workout by burning calories from BODY FAT! It jumps onto those fatty acids takes them to your cells to turn to ENERGY!



WHEN - 1 capsule with each meal (breakfast, lunch & dinner) or if you can’t remember to take them regularly, take 2 caps at night along with your Magnesium tablets!

WHYMusclePharm Fish Oil is a must have for anyone hitting the gym or looking for general health and well-being benefits. Fish Oil is an essential fatty acid (EFA) which is essential to our bodies but not always consumed regularly by most people, therefore supplementation is ideal to aid with heart function, reducing body fat, inflammation, carbohydrate breakdown, joint health and much more!