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Phenomenal Whey 5b

Phenomenal Whey 5b

Platinum Labs, Phenomenal Whey 5b

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The secret to any good protein blend is a good combination of both fast absorbing and slower absorbing protein sources, providing a steady stream of amino acids into the muscles for hours after ingestion. The high quality blend found in Platinum Labs Phenomenal Whey is specifically engineered to deliver whole protein sources that do exactly that. Phenomenal Whey is a low carbohydrate and high protein product designed for anybody looking to increase their recovery after intense exercise and aiming to increase lean muscle mass while keeping carbohydrates low.

Every scoop of Platinum Labs Phenomenal Whey is packed with 26 grams of a unique and powerful protein blend comprised of Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate. The blend provides an excellent source of complete fast and slower absorbing protein designed specifically to feed your muscle both immediately and over a longer period of time for maximum recovery.
Phenomenal Whey also contains Digezyme a combination of digestive enzymes to assist with efficient breakdown and absorption of the protein within the stomach as well as ensuring any abdominal discomfort associated with other inferior protein products is avoided.
-          26g of Protein per Serve
-          7.4g of BCAA
-          Available Flavours: Chocolate Malt & Vanilla Honeycomb