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Big Bottle Co 2.2 litre Jug

Big Bottle Co 2.2 litre Jug

BBC, Big Bottle Co 2.2 litre Jug

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Made from high grade Eastman USA plastic and the latest manufacturing techniques.

However please note, due to its unique tapered design and large water holding capacity that it is not invincible.

Treat your bottle with care and follow the below instructions so you will continue to enjoy all its benefits.

First Time Use Please ensure that you follow these steps.

Check that the white inner rubber seal is flush within the inside of the cap.

Fill your bottle with 1 litre of cool water.

Twist cap - DO NOT over tighten. It should fit snugly and securely.

Again holding your Big Bottle by the handle (over the sink) please tip your Big Bottle
upside down to ensure that your cap and seal are watertight.

Turn your bottle upright again and lightly shake your bottle before disposing of the cool

Wash your Big Bottle with some warm soapy water, including the inside of the cap.

Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Your Big Bottle is now ready to use. Enjoy!