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Lifting Straps

Lifting Straps

NBE Performance Gear, Lifting Straps

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Straps are made with the highest quality webbing, combining cotton with polyester filler.

NBE PERFORMANCE Lifting Straps offer a natural cotton fiber to ensure maximum comfort and grip. The poly-core gives the 1½” width webbing strength and durability.

Lifting Straps are “one size fits all” and come in a standard 20” length.


Lifting Straps are used primarily in weight training.

Lifting Straps give added grip for pulling exercises; consequently, this helps isolate the specific muscles in the back and shoulders for stronger workouts*.

To apply:

simply insert strap through small loop, put hand through new loop and close loop until snug around wrist.

Be sure strap end is directed between the thumb and index finger.

Use thumb and a “twisting motion” of the hand to wrap tightly around the bar in opposing circular direction of the hand.

Repeat steps for other hand.Power Straps can be used for activities such as:
    •    Exercising
    •    Weight Training (Dead Lifts, Lat Pull downs)